Competera Referal Program

Connect your friend with Competera

You wouldn't find the more rewarding thing in hiring, than connecting cool people with the right companies! Referring talents to Competera means even more: it’s all about the professionals growing with game-changing products.

Apart from love vibes, you’ll get:

$100 per Junior-level referral

$200 per Middle-level referral

$400 per Senior-level referral

Terms are easy as ABC:

The referral counts if the candidate haven't applied for Competera openings within a year.

Referrals gotta be employed within 90 days from the time of submission.

Once the referral makes their probationary period, you get 50% of your bonus.

The second half of the reward is paid 2 months upon the first payment.

Отправьте резюме

Введите корректный email, например [email protected]

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