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Competera Careers
We help retail corporations compete with giants like Amazon and Walmart

Why choose Competera?

Smart onboarding and measurable OKRs with regular 1:1s. Team satisfaction rate - 67 (average 50 in the industry)
Learning Culture
Talent development through Guilds and workshops. We support your growth and cover 60% of your training fee
Pet-friendly office. Celebration of product wins & team special days: it varies from wine parties to the football club
Wellness and Flexibility
Hours that adapt to your biorhythm & remote days. Paid vacation & sick leaves + Medical insurance
Going Global in Everything We Do

Our Core Values: Going global in everything we do

Everyone at Competera is a part of a big, global company.
We’re united in one mission to price the world. This means we focus on ambitious goals that make us grow. Competera leaves an impact on global companies from all around the world. And we focus on implementing only the best in everything we do.
Get Full Ownership

Our Core Values: Get Full Ownership

Competera runs on personal responsibility. Everything we do has our signature on it - we take the full ownership of our areas of focus within the entire company. We admire, recognize, and reward people who have an “it’s-my-job” attitude.
We Test, Learn, and Improve

Our Core Values: We Test, Learn and Improve

We’re moving quickly, and changing regularly. We’re not only ready for the changes, but we initiate them ourselves. We are open to experimentation, and it’s OK to fail. We iterate, measure and learn from our failures.
Being Curious

Our Core Values: Being Curious

Being curious about how things work and what our customers need. Always dive deeper.
Being Trustworthy

Our Core Values: Being Trustworthy

We believe firmly in the importance of trusting each other’s intentions.
We want to work in a company made up of good people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well.
Trust comes first, then metrics.

Meet Competerians

Each of us comes with different experience and background, but we all have something in common: Competerian DNA.
Kudos to Competera’s Hero
Meet our leadership board
I realized that it’s my team at once, when I came to the office and saw beautiful people around.
We are proud of our
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Open Roles

No matter what team you join: from Customer Success to Data Science, we all bring value to the business.

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